Clinton Voter Data

Note these positive local results from the 2020 presidential election in the

Town of Clinton, when over 75% percent of registered Democrats turned out

to vote! In comparison to 2016:

● There was a 15.14% swing toward the Democratic candidate in 2020.

● Over 400 more people voted for president in 2020, mostly for Joe Biden.

● The number of votes increased 44.15% for the Democratic candidate versus 5.39% for the Republican candidate


These impressive statistics resulted from the hard work of many people who volunteered their precious time to make phone calls, canvass door to door in difficult conditions, and stuff envelopes. We are proud of our efforts but there is still much work to be done. The 2021 elections are quickly approaching and planning has already begun. Winning on the local level helps set the stage for 2024.


Voter Registration History 2015-2020

Voter Turnout by Party 2015-2020

TOC Voter Reg History 2015 to 2020.png
Turnout History.png