February 10, 2020

Committee Member Roles and Responsibilities

Formal Positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary

Informal Positions: Communications Officer,  Facebook Administrator


Voting vs non-voting members - Our committee is composed of up to 10 people and includes as many as 6 members who can vote at the Dutchess County Dems meetings.  These votes are usually pro forma candidates endorsements, and are therefore not that important. These 6 members, however, are our committees’ reps to the county level dems.  These voting members may or may not fill the administrative roles on our town committee. Up to this point, we’ve found it useful to have a larger committee and so have chosen to have administrative positions filled by non voting members so as to be able to have 10 full members of our official committee. 


All members should:

  • Serve as Ambassadors for the Dems - be “In the Know” (know about the candidates, where residents can register or change party, as well as election laws, dates and deadlines; provide prompt answers to voters)

  • Urge neighbors to register (registration drives, canvass unregistered houses, start near polling places).

  • Serve as poll watchers and election inspectors

  • Familiarize yourself with Minivan and use accordingly

  • Organize and serve at events

  • Help fund raise

  • Identify and cultivate candidates and volunteers, including young and seniors

  • Help GOTV by phone banking, door knocking, dropping literature, posting fliers and lawn signs, writing postcards.

  • Keep well supplied with campaign literature, candidate bios and positions, voter reg forms and absentee ballot requests. 

  • Share noteworthy articles with the committee and interested volunteers

  • Welcome residents new to ToC and invite to Dem Comm meetings

  • Attend Democratic Committee meetings 1x month

    • ToC Democratic Committee public meetings 1 / month

    • ToC Democratic Committee private meetings 1/ month

    • ToC Democratic Committee auxiliary meetings 1 / month

    • Dutchess County Democratic Committee meetings 1 / quarter

  • Voting members should be ready to vote on relevant issues

  • Provide content for social media & coordinate with Social Media administrator


In addition:


Treasurer must

  • Track all receipts and expenses and give monthly reports to the Clinton Democratic Committee.

  • File between 2 - 5 disclosure reports per year, depending on the election cycle. In even years, we are required to file 2 periodic reports. In odd years (local election years), we are required to file the periodic reports, and 3 others leading up to and immediately following election day.

  • The disclosure reports are completed on a program provided by the Board of Elections on a home computer and then emailed to the BOE. 

  • Make all deposits as they come in. 

  • Write thank you notes to “large” donors.

  • Treasurer is a signatory on our bank account.


Chair must:


  • Formally open and close the meetings

  • Summarize relevant topics of interest to the committee.

  • Attend monthly Dutchess County Dems principals meeting

  • Keep reasonable order and move meetings efficiently from topic to topic

  • Delegate tasks and sub committees as appropriate


Vice-Chair must substitute for chair when absent.


Secretary must 

  • take notes at monthly public meetings and private pre-meetings

  • share them for comments in a timely fashion

  • send finalized docs to Communications Officer for posting on website