OCTOBER 16, 2017

Special Announcement

Eliot Werner, a Town Board member, recently told Michael Whitton that he and Marian Thompson had no chance to win this upcoming election. Local Republicans have been running unopposed for three election cycles. They don’t think that anyone is capable of mounting a real challenge to them. About 1/3 of the registered voters in the Town of Clinton are Republicans. If local Republicans think that they can take this election for granted, then they are taking the votes of 2/3 of their constituents for granted. We will not allow that to happen.

In that spirit, the Clinton Democrats have decided to send a message. We will not allow any local offices to be filled by a Republican running unopposed. We are overjoyed to announce that we have TWO write-in candidates for the upcoming election. Samuel Moyer is now running for Clinton Town Supervisor, and Ian Shrank is running for Town Justice. These are WRITE-IN candidates. You will not see their name on the ballot. Please write their names in, and please spread the word. 

The Dutchess County Board of Elections has not yet released a sample ballot for this election. That should happen within a week or so. We will send an email with the sample ballot and write-in instructions as soon as it is released.

Town Board Happenings

  • Samuel Moyer made a statement at the Town Board meeting on October 10th, asking for the input from our representatives regarding gun violence and what can be done locally. He pointed out that firearms are prohibited in town parks, but not in town buildings (Masonic Hall, Town Hall, etc). Sam was met with silence from the board after specifically asking for their opinion on the matter.

  • There is a special Town Board meeting to approve the preliminary budget on October 19th at 7pm. You can get a copy of this preliminary budget from the Town Clerk.

  • There is a public hearing for the preliminary budget on Nov 2nd at 7pm.

  • The Town board is moving forward with their Timber Protection and Harvesting Law, and a public hearing has been scheduled for Nov 14th at 6:15pm. This is 15 minutes earlier than the start of their normal monthly board meeting. A copy of the law is available from the Town Clerk.

Upcoming Schedule

(and things you can help us with)

October 24th and 26th: Joel Tyner will debate Joan Carbonaro, or an empty chair. Joel has been politely asking to debate his opponent since July. He has gotten no response. On October 24th at 6pm at the Clinton Town hall, and at 6pm on October 26th at the Rhinebeck Town Hall, Joel will either debate his opponent or an empty chair. Please come and support your County Legislator.

October 28th: ITFIO and Hudson Valley Strong are hosting an Autumn Social at the Rhinecliff Hotel from 4-6pm. Guest speakers are Terry Gipson, Mike Kink, Elisa Sumner, Christian Perkins and Congressional District 20 Representative Paul Tonko. Join us for food and drinks, meet candidates, and get to know fellow Democrats 

October 29th: Join us and spread the word about our Clinton Meet the Candidates Event, happening from 1-3pm at the East Clinton Fire Department. If you are willing to make a few phone calls to spread the word, please contact Micheal Whitton at whittonforclinton@gmail.com.

  • November 1st and 2nd: NY19 Votes is hosting phone banks to get out the vote. Volunteers can participate from several locations or take part from home with their Virtual Phone Bank. There will be a webinar available to teach people the ins and outs of phone banking.

Phone Bank Sign Up Here

Getting out the Vote is Critical

Please visit and share www.nov7vote.com. Our own Democratic Committee member, Scott Duquette, helped to shoot these PSA’s and build the nov7vote website. See this week's PSA below then Share any/all of the videos on your social media platform of choice to help spread the word about the importance of local elections.

nov7vote.com | Migrant Workers in the Hudson 
If you want to share a version that focusses less on Dutchess County and more on Dist19 or NYS, please go to the ITFIO Youtube Channel and find what you need in our playlists.  While you are there, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE  to the ITFIO YouTube Channel.


We still need volunteers to assist with neighborhood canvassing.  If you can give a couple of hours on a weekday afternoon/evening or on the weekends, we could use help with driving or door knocking.  It is easy, fun and it truly makes a difference.  We are focusing on friendly Democrats and our message is get out and vote!   Please contact Bronwyn Bevan at http://bronwynrhinebeck@gmail.com

One Final Request

Letters to the editor are a powerful tool in helping to connect with a large number of people. These letters put the names of candidates in front of thousands of people, and help to drive people to the polls. Please take a few minutes to write a letter in support of our local candidates. These include Joel Tyner for County Legislature, and Michael Whitton and Marian Thompson for Clinton Town Board. Send your letters to the following email addresses.