Town of Clinton Democratic Committee Public Monthly Meeting Notes
6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

OCTOBER 21, 2019

County Update

County Legislator Brennan Kearny updated attendees about the legislative session October 14th. The 11-strong Democratic caucus tried to advance an environmental measure to reduce fossil fuels. The 14-strong GOP set it aside even though Dutchess County has a D rating in air quality. 


Two resolutions to increase local responsiveness to the opioid crisis were also set aside by the Republicans even as the number of opioid victims is rising in Dutchess County. 


Brennan said her campaign was “going great” despite her Republican opponent Howie Traudt’s negative campaigning. 


Town Board Update

Mike Whitton, running for Town Supervisor, gave an update on the Town Board, on which he sits:


The board has Temporarily suspended zoning revision meetings to focus on the 2020 budget. During the budget discussions, most TOC employees were awarded a 2% raise but the supervisor and the town clerk got 4% raises. There was no increase in the tax rate and we are still under the tax cap. We have a  $1 million funding balance. Public will be able to comment on the budget on Thursday, November 7. Budget proposal is currently on the town website. 


The town board’s recommendations about short term rentals in Clinton are with the town attorney for review. 


Town board member Eliot Werner addressed the Board’s effort to regulate locations rented out for large events in the town of Clinton. The board is trying to weigh the advantages for the event renters versus the disadvantages for local residents who may suffer from the noise and extra traffic. The Dutchess County Planning Association, in an unusual move, issued 3 pages of criticism of the Board’s proposals. Clinton’s attorney is now reviewing. Discussion ensued about whether zoning has become a political issue and whether the town of Clinton would want to override county guidelines. Public discussion is encouraged at the next town board meeting. 


Judy Canham, the committee’s liaison with volunteers, updated attendees on the get out the vote (GOTV) effort. Early voting starts November 26 at multiple sites but voters on Election Day Nov 5 can only cast their ballot at their designated polling site.


Judy invited attendees to come to Congressman Antonio Delgado’s pep rally on November 1 at the Golden Russet café from 12:00 to 3 PM. Lunch will be provided by the committee.  Congressman Delgado will be present.


Idan Sims, In charge of fundraising for Clinton’s Democratic committee, suggested phone banking from his house on November 4 and 5. Attendees were encouraged to knock on doors as well those days.


Idan said that we have so far raised $8400 towards the $10,000 fundraising goal for the town of Clinton Democratic committee. Donations made out to the town of Clinton Democratic committee can be sent to 


Town of Clinton Democratic Committee 

32 Story Lane

Clinton Corners NY 12514


Idan read a letter referring to “sadly unAmerican lefties”  that was published in the Hudson Valley “News” and encouraged responses.  


An attendee questioned if the committee had endorsed any of the highway supervisors. We had not.