6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

MAY 21, 2018

Minutes from May 2018 Town of Clinton Democratic Party Monthly Meeting
Attendees: ~  17

In President Sam Moyer and  VP Bernadette Duquette's absence, meeting was chaired by Judy Canham and Mike Whitton. 

Get out the Vote: Strategy update

We discussed June 26th primary for the Congressional candidates.  Dutchess County endorsed Delgado. We need to begin canvassing with petitions for state positions, such as Senate, Assembly, and open judgeships. There will also be a proposal to support public funding for elections. We will be asked to carry petitions to get that on the ballot as well.  


Canvassing is a great way to meet your neighbors.  We will divide up the election districts and assign people to knock on the door; people work in pairs; you can work for 2-3 hours or more. When we petition for the state positions, we should remind people to vote for the congressional primary as well.


There was a discussion about postcard writing campaigns being led to get young voters to vote.  

How are we driving voter registration. There’s a postcard writing campaign for the registered young voters. If you are interested in organizing a group to lead the campaign, please let us know.  


Dutchess Legislature Update

  1. 800 unmarked graves at the Dutchess County Poor House cemetery will be cleared.  

  2. Molinaro is running for governor. There is a need for more Democrats to show up at county legislature meetings to understand how he operates.  Next meeting is June 11 in Poughkeepsie.
  3. Joel Tyner would like to create a map of Clinton to understand who has choices among internet providers.  If you are willing to volunteer to help with this effort please contact us below. 


Town Board Update

1. We discussed the Town Board community discussion about extending long-standing regulations for Town Parks to the Town Hall.


It was remarked that there was some confusion with the public who did not seem to know that these rules had existed for 30 years for the town Park.  The intention was not to limit horses from Town owned roads or dogs from riding in the car to the Town Dump, as many interpreted. There was no restriction from gun ownership or use in the Town at large. 

Werner and Whitton are redrafting the proposed regulations to make this clear.  They are currently taking comments from the public.  Currently the existing 30-year old regulations prohibit 22 activities in the Town Parks, the first 4 are about driving.  They are attempting to tighten up and streamline the regulations so that there will only be about a dozen.


Establish the relationships through canvassing.  Bronwyn will develop talking points for canvassing about the gun law. We can reach out to people we know on the other side (horse, dogs).


It was suggested that once the town board has finalize the proposed regulations, we form a task force to develop clear talking points related to what is in and not in the regulations, so that we can talk with our neighbors about the proposal.



2. Tax collector resigned at end of last year.  Denise Beery appointed for this year. There will be a special election later this year.  Denise will run as a Democrat. We will need to schedule a caucus between June 5 and September.  (Probably August.) Mike Whitton is point person.


3. Six people showed up to Road Side Clean Up.  The phone booth outside of Beans needs paint and lights.  We need to do more volunteer things around town. Judy Canham purchased some pinnies that we can wear, and asked about a logo.  Task force on volunteering in town will be formed.  Art Weiland to clean up the cemeteries. Mike Whitton is point person.


4. We discussed fundraising limits scale.  Judy Canham said she would find out. We need a budget for the year – website, signs, social events.  Treasurer Mike Duquette will be asked to create and share an annual budget.

5. Historical buildings in Clinton.  Clinton has a high number (230) of historical buildings, which were documented in 2016.  The planning board said that our demolition ordinance isn’t strong enough to protect or provide time to review and discuss the status of old buildings before they are demolished. Need public comment review period.  We have a 25-30 year old historic preservation ordinance, with guidelines about nominating structures and then town board to protect them.  The Historical Society wants to propose to serve as a liaison to the Town Board to make recommendations on landmark residences.  Additionally, they plan to go to the owners of the 40 landmark properties maintained by the Historical Society, and create more official recognition.