Town of Clinton Democratic Committee Monthly Meeting Notes
6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

MARCH 18, 2019

The public meeting was primarily an opportunity to meet candidates Joe Ruggiero for County Executive and Kenya Gadsen for County Clerk.  Their enthusiasm was inspirational.


Brennan Kearney reported 

  • The 12-Year Term Limit passed for County Offices. 

  • The Code Of Ethics also passed. However, the verbiage still needs some clarification and not everything she wanted was included but it is a step in the right direction.  

  • The purchase of Lake Walton also passed.   

  • They are also working to get a full-time Hazardous Waste dump site in Poughkeepsie.


Michael Whitton reported 

  • The Solar Law is being reviewed by the Town Attorney and Dutchess County Planning.  These are typical steps. He is aiming for a public hearing at the May Town Board meeting, barring any other delays.

  • The lighting proposal for the Town complex was approved.  We should recoup the cost in about  four years.  

  • The Zoning Revision Workshops are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. These are important to the community.  Things with long-term effects are being discussed.   The community needs to attend these meetings and voice their concerns!!

  • There was a public notice published by the West Clinton Fire District. They have voted to use $550,000 to expand Station 2 in Schultzville. There are concerns this is not entirely necessary. There was also discussion the Station 1 is in need of a new roof. This expense will be covered by a long-term bond. The public is welcome at their commissioner meetings. The next meeting is scheduled for April 10, at 7pm. For future meeting dates, visit the West Clinton Fire District website at

  • At the last Town Board Meeting, Justin Carroll was appointed to the Planning Board and Virginia Morrow was appointed to the Zoning Board Of Appeals.

  • Merida Wells is scheduled to be appointed to the CAC at the next Town Board meeting.


Judy Malstrom submitted Drawdown Book edited by Paul Hawken, which is a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming.  Many communities (Rhinebeck, Starr Library, and the Omega Institute) are using this book to drive community involvement by issuing dates of activity and challenges.  Judy’s suggestion (something she did successfully in the 1980s) would be to ask the community to do without using electricity on June 21 until 9pm.  We could post this on the website and ask the community for other suggestions.  Mike Whitton reported his son’s school is targeting the whole month of April for a variety of options.  Other suggestions could be going without plastic or disposable plates for a month.  We could also encourage recycling and composting on the website.  We can also have discussions at the June Social.  Anyone interested in working on this endeavor can contact the committee.