February 1, 2019


NYS Senators

Chuck Schumer [D]

Kristin Gillibrand [D]

US Congress District 19

Antonio Delgado [D]

NYS Senate District 41

Sue Serino [R]

NYS Assembly District 106

Didi Barrett [D]

Dutchess County Executive

Marcus Molinaro [R]


Dutchess County Legislature District 11

Brennan Kearney [D]


Clinton Town Board

Ray Oberly [R] (Superintendent)

Nancy Cunningham [R]

Chris Juliano [R]

Dean Michael [R]

Michael Whitton [D]



Town of Clinton Democratic Committee

Sam Moyer (Chair)

Marion Auspitz (Vice-Chair)

Mike Whitton (Treasurer)

Jane Brien (Secretary)

Jeff Branzenberg (Facebook Administrator)

Bronwyn Bevan (Communications Officer)

Town of Clinton District 1 Democratic Party Representatives

Eliot Werner 

Judy Canham

Town of Clinton District 2 Democratic Party Representatives

Samuel Moyer

Merida Welles 

Town of Clinton District 3 Democratic Party Representatives

Jane Brien

Judy Malstrom 

Roles and responsibilities for Clinton folks can be found here.