Town of Clinton Democratic Committee Public Monthly Meeting Notes
6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

JUNE 17, 2019

Town Updates

Solar Panels update-public hearing was opened in May and will be open again in June. There was a request for more time to review, and a vote will take place at the July Town Board meeting.


Event Center law- The Town Board came to a consensus that an ad hoc committee will be created and a meeting will take place on July 1st, at 7pm. The small group will come up with a workable plan that will satisfy as many people as possible and then go to Zoning Revision Workshop.


Committee Updates

Caucus:  Almost 40 people attended the caucus, a higher number than last year.  The committee nominated its slate of candidates

■      Michael Whitton for Town Supervisor

■      Eliot Werner for Town Board

■      Samantha Karchmer for Town Board

■      Justin Carroll for Town Justice

■      Denise Biery for Tax Collector

June Social.  The committee hosted its fourth social event on June 8.  About 85 people attended to meet neighbors as well as candidates, incumbents, and political representatives.  The committee would like to make this event more effective and well run, so suggestions and feedback are encouraged.  One suggestion about photographing and posting the event on line was made. 


Conversations started about the next social event, slated for the fall at Clinton Vineyards, who have graciously donated space for Town of Clinton Democratic events for many years.  Volunteers are needed to help plan and run the event, which will be critical for getting out the vote this fall.

Fundraising committee. Donation envelopes are being distributed.  Funds will help support costs for candidates running this year and next. Committee Chair Idan Sims told everyone to expect an ad for Joe Ruggiero coming out soon.



  • A member of the public asked if there will be a Republican primary for highway supervisor. Sam Moyer said no, there will not be a primary. The committee asked the public if they would be interested in having the 3 candidates come to our meeting and guests seemed interested.

  • A member of the public asked if the committee has found a Democratic candidate for highway superintendent. The committee confirmed that there will not be a Democratic candidate.

  • A member of the public asked if the committee is scheduling a neutral sponsored event to have candidates talk and present their platforms right before Election Day. The committee will take that idea into consideration.

  • Idan Sims shared that he sent a press release to Alan Chartock, president of wamc 90.1 or 90.8 10am

  • Cynthia Koch suggested that Clinton Dems create an official platform of issues that we hope to focus on. She suggested protecting local history and environment, having a can do government, and ensuring fair employment practices.