6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

JULY 16, 2018

Minutes from July 2018 Town of Clinton Democratic Party Monthly Meeting

(1) Clinton Assemblymember Didi Barrett.  Rich Stein, from the Barrett campaign discussed the November election.  Will Truitt, a 23-year old Hyde Park resident and a Molinaro protegé, is running against incumbent Barrett.  Their strategy is to run against Cuomo, linking Barrett to Cuomo.  We discussed the many ways Barrett has helped Clinton residents, including supporting capital improvements for town hall: e.g., proposed new ramp for library, new roof for shed.  She passed the farmland protection act to support young farmers to come to the area.  Has led on the waterfront revitalization.  Opposing the anchorage.  Advocating for studies of ticks and Lyme disease, and  insurance coverage for chronic Lyme.  Currently fighting storm surge plan with Army Corps of Engineers who would have made Hudson a lake.  Stopping federal intrusions on land. 


(2) GOTV (Judy Canham). Judy reported that we have more than doubled the number of door knockers for the Town of Clinton, largely through word of mouth.  We are developing a unified message and a focused canvassing campaign so we don't need to go out multiple times for multiple candidates. 

(3) Budget.  We discussed the committee's budget and fund raising needs for the coming year.  They are estimated at about $2000/year including social events, literature for local candidates, and website and other communication costs.  To date we have scraped together donations from individuals who are involved in organizing town activities.  We need to identify new avenues for raising the funds needed to support Clinton Dem candidates and activities. 


(4) Town Board Report-Out.  (See last month's meeting notes for more complete notes from the July 10 Town Board meeting.) Benchmarking was passed to track greenhouse emissions.  CAC will monitor.  Town website will be re-done.  The proposed changes and updates to the Town property laws was killed by the Town Board who refused to hold a public hearing on the substantially revised bill.  Not clear if all Town Board members even read the revised bill, as few edits were proposed, no issues were raised before the Town Board meeting, and the Town Supervisor did not send any comments or take a position on the bill.  Continue climate smart community work, need to amend part of the solar law, which didn't address solar farms in the town.  There is a possibility that solar farms could be installed on Clinton town property which could provide income to the town and cheaper energy for residents. 

(5) Clinton Democratic Committee structures.  A proposal to the room to endorse Teachout as AG candidate surfaced the question about who votes for what.  Plan is to check with county Dem party to clarify how voting and endorsing works.