Town of Clinton Democratic Committee Public Monthly Meeting Notes
6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

JULY 15, 2019

  1. Todd Martin, Highway Supervisor Candidate, spoke with us about his candidacy:

  • 20 years experience in Highway Department

  • Appointed deputy supervisor of the Highway Department for 9 months

  • 4 years of highway education

  • 12 years as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners for West Clinton Fire District

    • On Board of Commissioners for 15 years

  • Has written several grants for machinery. Hopes to secure County and State funds to help get things that Clinton needs.

  • Has worked with County’s shared service program

  • Hopes to be resourceful and save as much money as possible for the Highway Department

  • Believes the roads are a non-partisan issue and that we all need to work together

  • Wants to have a month by month agenda available online for people to see what the department is doing and what they plan to do

  • Save money, improve roads, improve equipment

  • Keep Theron’s schedule for winter snow clearing

    • Plow and sand before school buses, afternoon, and night so that roads are safe for times of heavier traffic

  • Take back county roads as town roads for the winter season to ensure they are cleared

  • Keep wood signs, not metal signs

  • Believes the Highway Department should be run like a business, and all personal relationships within the department must be set aside


2. No County Update- Brennan Kearney (our County Legislator) not present


3. Town Update (Mike Whitton)

  • Solar law has been passed 4- 1 (Dean Michael voted against)

  • Painting the exterior of the schoolhouse.  Posted RFP for two months, no responses. Direct anyone interested to the Town Clerk for an application for the RFP that needs to be submitted by August 6th at 10am

  • Town Board is writing legislation for short term rentals (rentals of less than 30 days).  It will be a long-term process.  Mike was hoping to wait until other towns established short-term rental laws so they could be used as an example. Not a partisan issue- opinions are mostly based on experience.  Mike Whitton will be presenting the first draft of the short term rentals law at the August 1 zoning revision meeting.  Email Michael Whitton with any comments or ideas. 

  • Honorary renaming of Firehouse Lane- Tim McCormack Way

  • CAC is adding a section to the Town website for Climate Smart Communities to inform the public of all of the accomplishments and goals that the CAC and Town Board have

  • Eliot Werner gave an update on the conference center law.  They have broken into smaller special interest committee and have had a series of meetings. Two of those on the committee volunteered to come up with a draft that would be acceptable to the entire group.  It will be edited and then presented to the Town Board for public discussion and then to be voted on as a law within the next couple of months.  There is a concern that this law is being conceived as a partisan issue.


4. Fall Campaigns

  • We’ve received the lists for canvassing from the county.  Begins with the list of the “persuadables” based on algorithms

    • NOP, those who often vote for other than their registered party, etc.

    • 16 turfs- 5 in each, ED 3 had 6

    • We will send out lists soon to those who would be comfortable knocking on doors for the candidates.  Canvassers will be given both paper copies and the app MiniVan to track houses. Michael will send out a list of upcoming trainings for MiniVan.  Judy C says we have access to a county tutorial


5. Misc Clinton Dems Party Issues

  • We are looking for a replacement for Co-Chair and Committee Member

  • Fundraising update (see Michael’s sheet).  Give envelopes out when canvassing

  • Denise Biery has the idea of holding a Town Hall meeting as an opportunity for candidates to state their opinions on specific issues in a non-biased setting.  NOT a debate, but give each candidate for each party/position a certain amount of time to answer specific questions.  The committee is interested in following through with this, and details will be worked out in the future

  • We discussed the rumor, being spread by Republicans at the transfer station, that Democrats support not allowing horses and dogs on Town property.


Michael Whitton responded that this stems from an issue that came up last year. The Town of Clinton has a law that lists items and activities that are prohibited from Town properties. Democrats on the Town Board advocated for this law to be applied to the Clinton Town Campus on Centre Road, which includes the library, because no such guidelines existed for the Campus.There was a concern of citizens bringing firearms to the campus, particularly to the library.


One of the items/activities that happened to be on the list of things prohibited at parks, is bringing your dogs/horses to Town properties, though it is seldom enforced.Republicans have untruthfully been telling animal owners that Democrats want to ban their pets from Town Campus when that was/is not the case. The focus and purpose of this action was to ban firearms from the Town campus, not dogs and horses.


We discussed if and how we could contact and clarify the truth for those that are hearing this false rumor.