Town of Clinton Democratic Committee Public Monthly Meeting Notes
6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Attending Committee members: 

Marion Auspitz, Jane Brien, Judy Canham, Charlie Dykas, Judy Malstrom, Sam Moyer, Ian Shrank, Eliot Werner and Mike Whitton. 


Note: First time a meeting has been on Saturday. Approximately 21 people attending and 3 guests


Guest: Jessica Segal - Running for Dutchess County Court Judge.  This position oversees pistol permits, sex offenders and all felonies committed in Dutchess County. 10 year term.  


  • Private practice attorney. Former Senior Assistant DA, 17 year experience. Teaches at DCC as well as practicing.

  • Incumbent Peter Forman will age out if elected again forcing a new election and additional costs. 

  • She described why she would be a good judge.  It will be a tough fight, he has name recognition. ​Needs our support to get petition signatures to get her name on the ballot. She particularly needs help bringing in third party swing voters such as the Working Families Party, Independence and Green Party. 

  • Encouraged to visit her website, and spread the word.​


Guest: Hannah Black - Dutchess County Legislator from Hyde Park

  • Meetings are once a month . Always looking for committee members. (More info to come and on what topics.)

  • There is an e-newsletter created by Brennan Kearney ‘Dutchess Voice’ that updates readers on legislature activiteis.  She encourages people to subscribe at Should be linked on T of C Democrat website.

  • Details on issues legislature is working on:

    • Probation officers to get line of duty benefits. 207 c. which is being blocked by Republicans

    • Working to preserve river access, bi partisan support. 


Guest: Kris Munn - County Legislator from Red Hook. 

  • County meetings are open. All are webcast live. 

  • Highlighted the importance of everyone staying involved AFTER the November election. 

  • Independent redistricting- big issue on the ballot. Referendum. 


Town of Clinton Quality of Life Survey

Judy Canham brought up the recent Quality of Life Survey  which was emailed to everyone on the Clinton Democrats list. She noted there was a small response. A paper copy was handed out at the meeting. Mentioned survey should be available on Town of Clinton Democrats website  


Getting Dems Out to Vote

Justin Carroll mentioned he is working on crunching the data from the last election. The focus is on those who didn’t vote in 2019 elections. Stressed that everyone needs to get to know their neighbors.



Pamela Lovinger spoke about the upcoming census and its importance to everyone and especially our town. The census determines federal funding.  Asked for thoughts on how we include people who are afraid of the census. No suggestions given but it was mentioned that the library has stations for people to fill it out.


Town Board business (Mike Whitton)


  • Fund balance policy and the lack of rules on how to use funds. There is a decent balance he said. 

  • Issue of short term rental - Dutchess County planning approved. Legislation should pass. Version on town website. Event center issue. Originally rules were restrictive, now they are quite permissive. Both coming up for public comment. Probably will pass. 

  • Library lease is up in May. Library is a business. The Town Board tried to get them to pay rent. Library was built by donations and volunteers. Whitton did some research and the board rescinded their request for rent.  

Discussion of Petitions to get names on the ballot:

Over the next 6 weeks all committee members will ask for signatures to get people on the ballot. Members are given a list of names of people to ask. We will focus on visiting voters who did not vote in 2019, to encourage their involvement. 


General call out to any Notary Publics to assist with petitioning, especially helpful for County Court Judge. 


Whitton reminded everyone to think about candidates for 2021. Clinton will need candidates for the following town offices. Prepare now. 

2 town board members

Town supervisor

Town Justice


Action items:

Links to be put on Town of Clinton Democrats website

Quality of Life Survey  (no deadline, just always there)

Dutchess Voice - newsletter for Dutchess County Legislature


Meeting adjourned 12.05