6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

Minutes from Town of Clinton Democratic Party Monthly Meeting


Winter Social Event

The committee discussed the possible need to change the date of March 24 because of the now scheduled Day of the Gun marches. Date will be confirmed shortly. In the mean time, we need people to sign up to help. The goal is to have a fun, social event, while also providing information on registration, absentee ballot voting, and second home owners voting.  Additionally all of the congressional candidates have confirmed that they will either join us, or send a senior representative.  Volunteers are needed to:


  1. Help set up and break down the room. 

  2. Bring food and drinks.

  3. Distribute flyers at the Town Hall dump (Saturdays) and to local neighbors.


At the next meeting, the events committee will bring a budget to show exactly what is needed in terms of funds for street signs and other related event costs.  Contact m.thomp1958@yahoo.com if you are interested in volunteering or participating.


Dutchess County Legislature Update

Joel Tyner shared several initiatives he launched and received signatures on, including a living wage letter, hand-counting electronic ballots, etc.  He also announced an upcoming repair café to be held in Rhinebeck.  Information is available at  RepaircafeHV.org


Getting Out the Vote

Scott Duquette discussed the developing strategy to get out the vote. He is developing a calendar, to be shared at the next meeting, that breaks down activities between now and November. 


The major goal right now is to increase volunteers in Clinton.  So that they can help turn out the Dems this November.  The team has been calling Democratic voters who voted in the last six elections to inform them about the get out the vote process.  They are finding that people are not informed about the congressional candidates, but extremely interested to know more. 


It was agreed that in addition to the calendar, we would at the next meeting review specific actions where help is needed.  Bernadette suggested that we all reach out to weekenders we know who might consider changing their voting location.  We discussed strategies to identify residents new to the area.  Crucially: We need more volunteers now.  Contact judy.itfio@gmail.com if you are interested.


Other business

Funding for early voting is coming through. This is the month in NYS politics.  Between today and 5 weeks from now, before the budget is due.  This is the time to call Didi Barrett and Sue Serino and express your support. 


Unofficial notes from the February 13 Clinton Town Board Meeting

By Bernadette Duquette, Vice President Town of Clinton Democrats


Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.


Public Discussion

Four people commented on the proposed tree harvesting law, 2 were for and 2 against. 


Committee Reports

The town has a contract to allow cablevision (now Altice) to provide services in town. As such, if the board receives any notices from them, those notices are reported. This month, they removed the Game Show Network from their sports package.


Old Business

The Tree Harvesting Law was not passed.


There was a discussion about a possible demolition delay for Historic Buildings. The ideas is to propose a delay in intentions to demolish historic buildings so that the town or historical society might reach a compromise or agreement with the home owner to preserve some aspects of the to-be-demolished structure.  Due to opposition on the Board, the proposal was withdrawn for further research and amendment.


Discussion of Sun & Energy (a third party energy provider that proposes to give the community a discount for electrical services). It was discussed that when a resident researched this group he found questionable details of the company and asked that the board do more due diligence.   Also, Sun & Energy cancelled their town presentation due to the new tariffs placed on solar panels. These tariffs will make solar much more expensive, so they need to rework their proposal.


Town Supervisor Oberly appointed Chris Palmiero to the Scenic and Historic Roads Advisory Committee. They are a volunteer committee that provides advice and assistance to the Town Board regarding scenic and historic roads. This was an appointment to fill a vacancy on that committee. 


New Business

Approved Copier rental contract was renewed for same price but will give three printers for better accessibility for all users. - Oberly


Approved purchase of small sander for the pickup truck.  Cost no more than $4,000 - Michael


Approved settlement of Van Wormer Certiorari.  It seems that a property/house was sold for considerably less that its town assessment price and the new owners wanted the property/house to reflex the purchase price for taxes.  There was a legal proceeding that led to the settlement.  The town board then needed to approve the settlement. - Michael


Approved let AFLAC put fliers in employees envelopes for employees to purchase at their own want/need/expense. - Oberly


Approved introducing a local law for Zoning Officer using Search Warrants. The Zoning Officer cannot inspect a property without the owners permission. So, if there is a known violation and the owner does not give permission to inspect, that violation can’t be cited and dealt with. This Local Law establishes a procedure for the Zoning Officer to obtain a warrant to inspect if an owner refuses access to their property. - Oberly


Approved amended Bucket Truck MA to share the Clinton bucket truck with other nearby towns.  Concerns about wear and tear were raised, but town maintenance personnel said that these trucks only have a about a 20 year life span and they need to be used to stay functional. Oberly 


Approved quest for extension of AUD (business report from 2017)- Oberly

(Doesn’t have the business report done for last year and needs more time)


Discuss Neil Wilson Zoning Revision Contract (hired to do a zoning revision - but he is closing his business because he got a different job.) (see next item) Michael


Discuss Morris Associates as Town Planner (Morris already does some work for the town and may be able to take over the re-zoning.  


Approve introducing Cold War Veterans Exemption for 2018 (some benefits for this veterans would expire if they do not vote to extend the exemption) Oberly


Discussion only to introduce public discussion (local Law) to Amend Ethics Law prohibiting Elected Officials from also holding appointive office. (This came about because the recently appointed tax collector already has a paid job with the city.  Discussion by board members were comments such as:  “not an issue”:  “an opportunity to get other people in the community involved” :  “ other individuals with strong background “: “not appropriate because of how one jobs could impact the second Job”, and again “not a problem”) Oberly


Other Items

Resignations and Appointments


Approval of Warrants 

This is basically just a request so they can pay their bills.


Motion to Move funds ( seems we are always moving some city funds from one bucket to another to cover costs.  A dollar amount is never mentioned at the meeting but I assume that board members are told the specifics.) Approved 


Supervisor Report 



Public Discussion

New Library Board Director reminded everyone of the Book Sale. 


A person commented on the Amend Ethics :  If a person holds two jobs and gets sick then the city is down two people.


There was a brief discussion about guns in town buildings.  Two People spoke about not allowing guns in public building. One person declared guns are good and should be allowed anywhere because bad guys will do what they will do.  Another person spoke about no guns in public places and mentioned the fact that this has been brought up multiple times but it never shows on the board agenda.  Nancy said she is proposing to put it on next months agenda.  She was thanked.