6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

Minutes from September 2018 Town of Clinton Democratic Party Monthly Meeting


•campaign coordination (Judy).  

All three major campaigns (Delgado, Barrett, Smythe) coordinated so that it’s not parallel campaigning..  There were 309 people that they wanted to speak to.  Unaffiliated, Republicans, IIs. They reached 40% (109 people) which is better than the campaign average of 30%.  44 positive people who said they would support, versus leaning or negative.  There is a small core group of canvassers, we need people to buddy up.  They have not completed all of the turfs.  Four not yet touched.   Next round will be for Dems — get out the vote.  Mid late October, undecided will be added/hitting doors a second time.


•transfer station. 

We need help to hand out the social flyer and voter registration for second home owners.  

•poll watchers

We need poll watchers who can monitor which Dems haven't yet voted and then we can lead a coordinated calling campaign to try to help/remind people.


coordinated campaigning in Clinton October 20th  1-3pm.  

We need canvassers .  But we are getting a group canvass date to work together.  Meet at Schultzville cafe at 1pm.  SATURDAY OCTOBER 20th 1-3pm.  SCHULTZVILLE CAFE.



if you have things to donate, we can put it up for sale.  The earnings go to the committee. Pam and Judy will co-chair.




A state grant secured by Didi Barrett will go to a Town Hall roof and the library ramps.  


Joel’s meeting on community choice aggregation.  There will be a televised public workshop (Dec).  Negotiate lower electrical rates.  Looking at options of renewable energy.

Active shooter seminar, very well attended with 65 people, not all from Clinton.  


Mike introduced: we have been yearly appointing town attorney, planner etc.  Not using RFPs.  never put out to bid.  We should be making sure we spend efficiently.  Wants to people to get the town planner out to bid,  Come to the next meeting.  Letters and speaking up for the value of sending out to bid.



Saturday 10-2 9/22 Rhinebeck Town Hall blood donation

27% of the county is working poor, 9% in poverty; will co-sponsor resolution for a task force

Join Joel’s talk show — l 345-0163, 10 Tobin Drive

Chris Mitchell has completed maps of Dutchess Co.  Half have no choice in provider.

Molinaro got 400K in donations from the same 72 companies that got over 80M in contracts. (over last 7 years). Write letters to the 

ILSR.org recycle and compost 


Tom Mansfield spoke briefly alerting us to the fact that there are 16 positions on the ballot this fall.   Some of the key positions are last on the ballot and may be overlooked.


Fall social (Pam)—Committee of 6.  everybody taking different responsibilities.Yard signs go out this weekend. Many speakers and candidates.  We need food donations.