6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

APRIL 16, 2018

Minutes from Town of Clinton Democratic Party Monthly Meeting
Attendees: ~  20

In President Sam Moyer’s absence, VP Bernadette Duquette reviewed of Town of Clinton Democrats Social Event on April 14:


April Social’s Takeaways

  • Many Town of Clinton Democrats contributed time and/or $

  • 85 signed in but others did not so turnout was larger than recorded

  • 15 said they wanted to volunteer

  • CD 19 Candidates - Flynn and Rhodes attended in person, Beals and Ryan sent reps and Delgado and Clegg were unexpectedly detained elsewhere

  • Karen Smythe, NY State Senate candidate, also attended

  • Thanks given to Mike Whitton & Scott Duquette for serving as emcees - their service was very well received. Thanks to Pam Lovinger, Marian Thompson, Bernadette Duquette and Marion Auspitz, Judy Canham for organizing the event over many weeks. Feedback was that the event was professional and well organized.

    April Social’s Best Practices.

    • Road signs were highly effective in building turnout but we need more next time.

    • Cards handouts (Don't Forget to Vote - included Federal, NY State and Local election dates, polling station locations, key websites, twitter, FB and youtube links, etc)  were also appreciated by many.

    • Name tags were much appreciated.


Dem Committee's Budget Update

  • Clinton Dems bank account assets now $552, historically high

  • Will be $272 after Scott is reimbursed $280 for door hangers

  • $257 collected by passing bucket at social. Mike Duquette has excel spreadsheet of budget details.


Update from Town of Clinton Board (Mike Whitton)


1) May 8 Open Forum re local law amendment (firearms, etc)

Mike mentioned an Open Forum scheduled just ahead of Town of Clinton Board meeting on May 8. This forum will allow for 30 minutes discussion on amendment to current local law to extend certain prohibitions (including firearms) to Clinton Town Complex, not just to Clinton Parks. Each speaker will have max of 3 minutes. He clarified that the proposal is a revision of a current law, not a new law.  Scott Duquette reminded all speakers to mention they are Town of Clinton residents and encouraged more men to speak up on May 8 to effect greater balance


2) Opportunities to serve the community.

Mike Whitton proposed Dems get involved in Scenic and Historic Road Advisory Council’s Clean Up effort this Saturday 11 am at Clinton Town Hall. Clinton has arranged for a dumpster to help dispose of trash along roads. Volunteers should bring gloves & plastic bags

Update from Dutchess County Legislature (Joel Tyner)

1) Another Rhinebeck Repair Cafe hosted by Tyner.

All are welcome to attend to get “broken but beloved” stuff fixed for free.

Features “expert repair coaches” for sewing, jewelry, lamps/ appliances, furniture, computers/ electronics, welding, etc. April 28 noon to 4pm at Rhinebeck Town Hall 80 E Market St. RepairCafeHV.org


2) Update Forum: #StopCricketValley

Forum to be held to discuss opposition to Fracked Gas Power Plant in Dover Plains

4/24 at 6pm at Clinton Town Hall 1215 Centre Road.
Cricket Valley says it is permitted by Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to emit tons of toxic chemicals, particulate matter, sulfuric acid, etc annually. Tyner, 8 other legislators and many environmental organizations oppose power plant. Get involved through DutchessDemocracy.blogspot.com or @ TinyUrl.com/StopCricketValley


3) Public Forum featuring Chatham Police Chief Peter Volkmann

May 5 at 3 pm Rhinebeck Town Hall 80 East Market St..

Forum to discuss Dutchess County adopting Chatham’s programs to treat nonviolent drug addicts, instead of jail them.  PAARI and Chatham Cares for U have helped 170 opiate addicts over past 2 years. Potential alternative to overcrowding in jails.  

4) Dutchess County Legislature Meeting

May 14 at 7pm - 22 Market St, PK, 6th Floor

Discussion “End Poverty in Dutchess” by raising minimum wage


Mike Whitton suggested someone from Clinton Dem Comm should attend each of these and Town Board meetings monthly and take notes.


Get Out the Vote (Scott Duquette)
Presented his poster boards on getting out the Democratic vote in Town of Clinton

1) INITIATIVE #1 - Organize canvassing and phoning by Election District (ED)

Clinton ED 1 headed by Judy Canham; looking for additional volunteers

Clinton ED 2 headed by Merida Welles w support from Marian Thompson and Kathy Evans

Clinton ED 3 headed by Bernadette Duquette w support from Scott Duquette, Judy Maelstrom, Joel Tyner, Carol Valentine  

Each lead responsible for assigning territory to each supporter to get door hangers, mailers, phone calls, etc to primary Democrats in their ED. Key to become close to neighbors before midterm election.

ED maps available online  at www.dutchesselections.com

2) INITIATIVE #2 - Set up task forces and hold them accountable for progress.

Facebook Taskforce:

Mission - to get Democrats to Like and Follow Town of Clinton Democratic FB page.

Volunteers =  Johanna Whitton, Mike Whitton, Kathy Evans; looking for additional task force members!

Rosa commented that she hadn’t been able to find any information about this meeting by Googling. She was referred to Town of Clinton Democrats website and FB page. Scott Duquette admitted that “our search engine optimization” needed improvement and that progress was underway.  


CAC Taskforce

Mission - To embrace Climate Smart Initiative to improve Clinton’s environmental footprint and save town money. https://www.dec.ny.gov/energy/50845.html


Mike encouraged Dems to join Climate Smart Initiative, welcoming  architects, farmers, facilities specialists, and engineers in particular. He suggested that former supervisor Jeff Burns could be an excellent advisor.


Town’s Building Inspector Louis Fiorese and Marian Thompson attended a recent training exercise hosted by NYSERDA entitled “Enforce the Energy Code.” Participation in such training allows Clinton to gain “points” that may lead to grants in future.  

Noreen Coller commented that groundwater protection is also key as Clinton has no water treatment plant.

Meeting Taskforce

Mission - To ensure a Town of Clinton Democratic Committee member attend and take notes on each Town of Clinton Board meeting and Dutchess County Legislature Meeting.


Mike Whitton requested someone to commit to Open Forum on May 8. No one volunteered but several are expected to attend.  

Social Committee Taskforce.

Merida Welles proposed contra dancing as a possible theme for the next Dem Social. Idea to be explored further. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contra_dance


Morses offered up their barn as a venue.

We need to book other venues many months ahead, esp if West Clinton Fire Station, as it’s free or Rec Park Pavilion, as so popular.


Location will be key and early booking is highly recommended.

Volunteers - Johanna Whitton, Pam Lovinger, Marian Thompson, Merida Welles; possibly Bernadette D, who will hand over Social Spreadsheet to help next group.
Marion Auspitz offered napkins and tablecloths and Judy Maelstrom volunteered recycling duty post social.