Town of Clinton Democratic Committee Monthly Meeting Notes
6pm, Masonic Hall, Centre Road, Town of Clinton

APRIL 15, 2019

We had two guest speakers who took the majority of the meeting time. 


Patti reported the following steps made to overhaul our voting laws in NY:

  • early voting  (voters can cast their ballots 9 days prior to the general election this year, and moving forward for all other elections)

  • consolidated primaries (both federal and state primaries on same day)

  • pre-registration for 16 & 17 year olds

  • portable registration (moves within NY state without reregistration)

  • electronic pollbooks and "ballot on demand" capability will speed and simplify voting

  • restoration of voting rights for people on parole (needs to be codified into law)


First steps have been taken toward constitutional amendments for

  • mail-in ballots

  • same-day registration


There is more to be done

  • voter-friendly ballots

  • automatic voter registration

  • flexibility to change party affiliation


Patty is a wealth of info.  Basically we are making progress but there is still a lot to do.


More information can be found at: and 



Rich Berube seems like a great candidate.  He is from Beacon originally, was a Marine, and now lives in Poughkeepsie.  He worked for the current DA and found him lacking in his approach to keeping people out of jail and giving addicts help instead of incarceration.  The GOP incumbent, Grady, has run unopposed for decades.  He has served 10 four-year terms already!


Berube told us that he wants to  "bring back justice to the process.... Right now there's basically a cookie-cutter type policy with all of the cases that are prosecuted and everyone gets lumped into it without having an individual look at each and every case.... The ends of justice are not only what the disposition of the case is but the whole process as well.... To be fair but firm, balancing justice, fairness and public safety."


County Legislature Updates

Mike Whitton reported on behalf of Brennan Kearney that the extended Liquor Store Hours passed the Legislature.  Brennan expresses heartfelt thanks for all of those who collected petition signatures on her behalf.


Town Board Updates

The Town Board approved a public hearing for a moratorium on Conference Centers. At the next board meeting (May 14, 6pm), after the public hearing, a final vote is scheduled for the measure.


The Town Board approved a public hearing on the Solar Revision. At the next board meeting, after the public hearing, a final vote is scheduled for the measure.


A visitor asked why we have Town Board reports from our Democratic board members at our meeting.  As explained, many of our constituents do not attend the board meeting and do not watch the videos of the meetings.  By getting a brief update of topics, we are attempting to keep our members updated on what the Town Board is doing. 



The spring social will be June 8, 2019 at Fran Mark Park from 1 - 4.  Donations for expenses and volunteers are needed.