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Who We Are

We are local Democrats who embrace sustainability at a fiscal, environmental, and quality-of-life level.  To that end, our top priority is recruiting Democrats to run for local office and ensuring strong Democratic voter turnout by informing voters about elections, our candidates and the voting process.  We work closely with Dutchess County Board of Elections and the County Democratic Committee to meet these goals.
We appreciate your interest in our activities and look forward to welcoming you to a future meeting or event.

Want to Run for Office?

If you are a Democrat who lives in the Town of Clinton and you want to run for office or want to know more about elected offices in your town, CONTACT US HERE 

News and Events


Dutchess County Democratic Committee endorses slate of candidates
for 2023 County office elections. Click HERE for details.
Dutchess Democrats 2023.jpg
From left, Jim Rogers, Anthony Parisi, Kenya Gadsden and Tommy Zurhellen
Updated voter registration and 2022 turnout stats
are now available HERE.  We continue to see growth in numbers of registered Democrats in Clinton. 2022 voter turnout in Clinton was strong.  Overall Dutchess County turnout lags.
New law eases voter registration constraints.

Governor Kathy Hochul signed a law this past December that gives people more time to register to vote in New York State. This year, people will have up to 10 days before an election to register in person or 15 days if they are registering by mail. The old law capped the time at 25 days to register before an election.

Report from the 2022" Independent Reapportionment Commission."  See revised Dutchess County election districts HERE.
If you want to get into "the weeds" click HERE.
Follow your elected reps
CLICK HERE to learn about Google Alerts and sign up to receive notification when your representatives are in the news.
Monthly Meeting
Masonic Hall, 1215 Centre Rd  

Hope to see you soon.






if you can't join us in person


(published in our monthly newsletter 48 hrs prior to meeting. Subscribe above for details)

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is today!

Register to vote where it counts - vote in Clinton!

Important Election Dates


2023 Political Calendar  For details about voter registration, primary and election day voting including early voting.

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